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EXTRA LID ( come together with Straw ) for Autospout ASHLAND ( Both 20 oz. and 24 oz. and ASHLAND w fruit Infuser)

Lid autospout ( ASHLAND )

  • What’s Inside – The infuser comes with 3 detachable parts: the stainless steel basket, the mug clip which securely snaps into any West Loop lid, and the blue drip cup that makes transporting easy once steeping is complete.

    Tea Time – Ideal for both loose leaf (5 - 7 grams of loose leaf tea is ideal) and bagged tea, the stainless steel basket’s fine etched holes ensure superior brewing and guarantee no tea leaves or dust escape into the brew.

    How To – Pour tea into the basket, screw on the black mug clip and then pop the clip into your favorite West Loop lid. After the water in your mug as cooled for at least 3 minutes, screw in the tea infuser and start steeping.

    Steeping Rules – It’s totally up to you, but we recommend about 1:30 – 2:00 min of steeping (simply adjust depending on your flavor preference). After it’s complete, simply pop it into the blue drip cup for easy transport.

    Clean Up – Top rack dishwasher safe

    Matching Partner – This stainless steel tea infuser was specifically designed for our Stainless Travel Mug family and therefore will only fit this type of mug.

    All Contigo products are BPA free

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